How should food workers prevent physical food hazards?

How should food workers prevent physical food hazards from injuring customers?

Customers are important for the growth of any food service outlet. It is therefore important to have their safety at heart. One of the services food service can render to a customer is to ensure that such a customer is served with foods free from contamination. Therefore, any form of contamination including ones caused by physical hazards must be avoided.

Food physical hazards are those external materials that are not intended to be in the food. Examples of physical hazards food workers must protect customers against are; nails in the food, hairs in the food, broken glasses, and any other sharp objects that can injure the customer in one way or the other.

While customers also have a role to play in preventing food physical hazards, food workers like food handlers have a lot more role to play because they are the ones in charge of food preparation and distribution.

Food physical hazards are one of the risk factors in food distribution and preparation that must be avoided at all costs.

In this article, we will be discussing various ways by which food workers should prevent physical hazards from injuring customers.

Before we talk about ways to prevent physical hazards, let's take a look at some examples of food physical hazards.

Examples of food physical hazards that can injure customers (food consumers)

Here are some examples of food physical hazards:

• Stones

• Nails

• Pests

• Broken glasses

• Hairs

• Pieces of jewelry

How food workers can prevent physical hazards from injuring customers

Below are some of the safest ways food workers can prevent physical hazards from injuring customers;

• Cook food in a safe environment: Only cook food in an environment where you are sure of the safety of the food. Your kitchen must be neat to avoid hair or sharp objects getting into the food.

• Cover your hair while cooking: Food workers must always cover their hair while cooking and serving meals. This is another method to prevent hair hazards in the food.

• Cut/Trim your fingernails low: Trim or cutting your fingernails low as a food worker will prevent the customers from seeing fingernails in their food. 

• Properly cover ready-to-eat food: After cooking, ensure to tightly cover the food. When food is well covered, it won't be possible for any kind of physical hazards to get into the food.

• Wear disposable hand gloves: Wearing hand gloves is another way food workers can prevent physical hazards. Putting on disposable hand gloves while cooking can prevent specks of dirt from the fingernails from getting into the food.

• Sanitize cooking equipment: Equipment sanitization will help prevent rust from the equipment from getting into the food. Therefore, food workers must regularly sanitize equipment means for cooking.


The safety of customers lies mostly in the hands of the food workers. While physical hazards are visible substances that can contaminate our food, sometimes, it is hard to notice some of these substances. It is therefore important that food workers take every possible precautionary measure to prevent physical hazards in the customer's food. Some of the ways customers can prevent physical hazards from injuring customers are but are not limited to; Cutting/trimming fingernails, covering foods properly, sanitizing cooking equipment, and wearing disposable hand gloves.

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