Risk Factors in Food Distribution and Preparation

Risk Factors in Food Distribution and Preparation

The risk factors in food distribution and preparation are those things that are likely to cause food contamination if not avoided during food preparation and distribution.

Food preparation simply means the way we get food or food products ready for consumption. This process is step-by-step. From getting food products to eventually transforming them into food, this process can be very simple but it also requires your full attention to avoid food contamination.

One of the major risks in food distribution and preparation is food contamination. To avoid food contamination, during the process of food preparation to distribution, food handlers who are in charge must ensure that all food safety practices are put into place.

Even though the safety of food lies both in the hands of the food handlers and the final consumer, food handlers have a great role to play because the process starts with them.

While contamination is possible during food preparation, it is important to know that food contamination can also occur during food distribution.

Treating them one by one, In this article, we will be discussing the major risk factors in food distribution and preparation.

Risk Factors in Food Distribution and Preparation

Food poisoning is one problem that can result from poor food preparation and distribution processes. This can occur when food or food products are contaminated.

Here are some risk factors in food distribution and preparation that can cause food poisoning;

• Using an Expired Food Product to Cook: Using an expired food product is one risk factor in food preparation that can make food unsafe for consumption. Before using any food product to prepare your meal, kindly check for the expiration date, this will help you determine if you can use it or not.

• Food Handlers Negligence: Negligence of food handlers such as not wearing hand gloves or nose masks, and not washing hands properly before handling utensils and after using the toilet, can also lead to food contamination.

• Not cooking food to the normal temperature: Undone foods can be harmful sometimes. It is very important to ensure that your food is properly cooked before dishing it.

• Food/Food products from unsafe sources: Another risk factor in food preparation is using fake food products to cook. Making sure that your food and or food products are safe to use can save you from contamination.

• Poor Handling: Proper Food handling in the process of food distribution is very important to prevent contamination from happening. If food handlers do not properly handle food while distributing it, it can cause germs to get into the food which can result in food poisoning. Food can be handled properly by wearing new hand gloves, using a nose mask, and cleaning utensils like trays.

 • Consumer: Yes, consumer who is the person who eats the food is also a risk factor in food distribution. The personal hygiene of the consumer is also important to not contaminate the food. Consumers must ensure to wash their hands with soap and water before eating to prevent germs that might have been on the surface of their hands from getting into the food.


In conclusion, the safety of our food lies in our hands. It is our responsibility to ensure that the food we eat is free of contamination. The process of food preparation and distribution determines whether your food will be contaminated or not, therefore, food safety measures such as avoiding expired food and food products, proper hand washing, using hand gloves, and wearing a face mask must be put in place.

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