The food sanitation rules require someone at your restaurant to?

The food sanitation rules require someone at your restaurant to?

a. Know and practice food safety measures

b. Monitor food workers

c. Handles food properly.

Answer: a. Know and practice food safety measures.


The food sanitation rules are those rules that are required to be followed by everyone in the restaurant to ensure that food contamination that can cause food poisoning does not happen.

The sanitation rules in a restaurant consist of but are not limited to proper food handling, proper hand washing, pest control, and worker training, among other important safety rules. Therefore, the food sanitation rules require someone at your restaurant to know and practice all the food safety measures with the sole aim of preventing contamination from happening.

Everyone in the food service like restaurants must be aware of the food sanitation rules and follow them. From the food handlers to the food consumer, it is necessary to put in measures to prevent food poisoning.

One good way to let people in the restaurant know about food safety practices is to train them on what to do and avoid during the process of food making and distribution because some risk factors in food distribution and preparation like expired food products and food handlers' negligence could cause a hazard in the restaurant.

The food sanitation rules require someone at your restaurant to?
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Why is the food sanitation rules important in food service?

The food sanitation rules are important in food service restaurants because they help to guide people (workers and customers) to know and practice the food safety measures that will help to prevent food contamination.

Food contamination can cause food poisoning. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it has been estimated that at least 1 in 10 people in the world fall ill after eating contaminated food. With this estimate, we can conclude that the food sanitation rules that preach food safety practices are very important in food service.


Food safety practices can only be done properly when the people in the food service are aware of them. The food sanitation rules give details about the food safety practices and they require people in restaurants and other food services to know and practice them to help avoid any form of food contamination which will in return help to prevent food poisoning from happening.

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