What should food workers do to prevent pests?

What should food workers do to prevent pests?

Birds, cockroaches, rodents, and flies among others are the most common types of pests that invade food service. Pests are food contaminants and if not controlled, they can cause food contamination which can lead to food poisoning.

In one of our food safety posts, we discussed how food workers can deter pests from the outdoor dumpsters. In this article, we will be discussing things food workers can do to prevent pest infestation in the food service.

As stated earlier, pests are threats in the food service that are not needed because they can cause food contamination. Pest control is very important to keep our food safe.

Before we talk about things food workers should do to prevent pests, let's take a look at some of the causes of pests in food service.

Causes of pests in food service

Some major causes of pest infestation in the food service area are;

• Unkept Area: Pests like rodents and cockroaches are attracted to spilled foods and beverages, an untidy environment can create an avenue for these pests to gain access to the kitchen or store where foods are kept.

• Dirty dishes: Dirty dishes can also cause pests to invade the kitchen. Leaving dishes undone is part of the major causes of pests in food service.

• Dirty dumpster: Dumpsters are used to keep leftovers and other wastes, however, if not taken care of, they can cause pests.

Things Food workers should do to prevent pests

Below are some of the things food workers should do to prevent pests:

1. Make use of Pesticides: Pesticides are meant to help get rid of pests. There are different pesticides in the market, it is however important to consult a reputable pest control company to know which pesticide is safe to use in the kitchen and other areas where foods are kept. Food workers can use safe pesticides to control pests.

2. Clean Dumpsters Regularly: Another thing food workers can do to prevent pest infestation is to clean outdoor indoor dumpsters. Ensure that garbage is disposed of as quickly as necessary. This will prevent pests from getting into the dumpster.

3. Take care of the leftovers: Leftovers and spilled foods can attract pests in the kitchen. It is therefore important to clean the leftovers and clean spilled foods immediately.

4. Keep entry doors tightly closed: Every entry door to the kitchen and food store must be tightly closed. This will help to prevent crawling pests like rats and cockroaches.

5. Store food in a safe place: Foods in the kitchen and the refrigerator should be kept and stored properly. Close the cupboard and make sure refrigerators are not opened until you need to take something inside it.


Keeping pests out of the reach of our food and cooking utensils is one of the best food safety practices that can help to prevent food contamination and poisoning. Food workers should ensure to follow food safety practices such as using pesticides, cleaning dumpsters regularly, keeping food safe, closing entry doors, and taking care of the leftovers to prevent pest infestation in the kitchen and food service at large.

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