6 Things to do After Using a Meat Slicer

6 Things to Do After Using a Meat Slicer To Ensure Food Safety

Using Meat slicers is an efficient way to cut up your meat for cooking, but there are a few important steps you should take after using one. If you don’t, it can cause foodborne illness and can make you and anyone who eats the meat sick.

To avoid food contamination, some important actions that need to be done after using a meat slicer will be discussed in detail in this article.

Following the guide in this article will help you to know how to clean your slicer after use.

Always be sure to clean and sanitize your meat slicer before and after each use to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that can contaminate your food products and cause illness or disease.

One of the many risk factors in food distribution and preparation is using a contaminated meat slicer that can cause food contamination. Meat slicer is one of the major food contaminants in the food service. However, if well taken care of, it tends to make work easier.

Without further ado, let's quickly dive into the 6 things you should do immediately after using a meat slicer to avoid food contamination at home and in food service.

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6 Things to do after using a meat slicer

For food safety purposes, after using a meat slicer, you should;

1. Keep it Clean:

Keeping a meat slicer clean will prevent it from attracting germs and other food spoilage bacteria that can get into it.

You can keep a meat slicer clean by simply wiping its surface with a clean cloth or rather, you can use a handy towel.

If you have any spills or drips on the countertop after slicing meat, spray or use bleach water or hydrogen peroxide on those areas to disinfect them before you can clean them again properly with soap and water.

2. Wash with soap and water:

After using a towel to clean and remove leftover meats from the machine, the next step is to wash the machine with soap and water.

You can wash the meat slicer correctly by:

• Washing hands with soap and water.
• Ri the cutting board with soap and hot water.
• Scrubbing cutting board with warm soapy water for at least thirty seconds
• Removing all liquid from the surface. and let it air dry completely before use again.

3. Dry the machine parts separately:

Right from the Pusher, the Guage plate, the handle, and other parts of the machine, Kindly dry the meat slicer parts thoroughly with paper towels or cloth towels when you're done slicing for the day.

4. Use Lubricant:

Using a lubricant on a meat slicer will help it to function well. It helps to keep the machine nuts intact and ready for other work. Using the manufacturer's recommended lubricant will do good for your meat slicer.

5. Apply Sanitizer:

The sanitizer will not only get rid of some invisible organisms on the meat slicer, but it will also help to prevent germs from coming near your machine. Sanitizer should be applied after cleaning and washing the machine.

6. Keep in a safe place:

The last but not the least thing to do after using a meat slicer is to keep it in a safe place. Keep out of the reach of children and adults who do not know how to operate it. Also, keep it at a good temperature; usually in a cool dry place.


A meat slicer is a very important tool in food service. Whether it is used at home or in a restaurant, a meat slicer should be treated with utmost care to prevent food contamination that can result in food poisoning.

It is important to note that some invisible food spoilage organisms can live on meat slicers for hours, and if these organisms by any means get into the food, they can make such food unsafe for consumption. Keep meat slicer clean and keep contamination at Bay.

My name is Emmanuel. I'm a Nurse and a food lover. I have worked with many food blogs in the past before creating InfoTipsBlog to share food safety tips.

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