Before touching prepared food with your hands you must?

Before touching prepared food with your hands you must:

a. Use hand gloves.

b. Wash your hands with soap.

c. Use hand sanitizer.

Answer: a. Use hand gloves.


To ensure that everyone who will be eating an already prepared food is safe, you must put on a disposable hand glove before touching the food.

Using disposable hand gloves by a food handler before touching an already prepared food can help to protect the food from contracting germs, bacteria, viruses, or infectious parasites that can make the food poisonous.

As it is known, there are various ways through which food can be contaminated. Touching an already prepared food with bare hands without a hand glove or sanitizer, may lead to food contamination, and in return, cause foodborne illnesses like stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The food sanitation rules require someone at your restaurant to be able to monitor all the activities going on about food preparation and food dishes.

The Manager's most important food safety responsibility is training you to know all the food safety regulations and food sanitation rules which will help you as a food handler to protect foods, especially, already prepared food.

Talking about foodborne illnesses, which are illnesses caused by eating contaminated food, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that over 200 diseases are caused by eating contaminated food. That is, food contaminated by viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and parasites. Judging based on the World Health Organization statistics, there is a need for proper training in the food sector to prevent consumers from foodborne diseases.

The infectious organisms that contaminate foods spread botulism and Salmonella poisoning which is the agent of food poisoning. Sometimes, these organisms cannot be seen with ordinary eyes except if you make use of the microscope.

For safety reasons, before touching prepared food with your hands, you must put on disposable hand gloves to prevent germs that might be on the surface of your hands.

Wearing disposable hand gloves is not the only way to prevent foodborne diseases or food contamination. There are many ways to ensure that food spoilage bacteria do not get into your food. Some of these are separating raw and cooked foods, cooking to the right temperature, proper reheating, etc.

Things to do before touching prepared food with your hands

To prevent food spoilage bacteria, the following are the things you must do before touching prepared food with your hands. They include:

1. Wash your hands with soap
2. Use hand sanitizer
3. Wipe your hand with a towel
4. Wear disposable hand gloves
5. Use a Nose mask
6. Keep your nails low

1. Wash your hands with soap:

It is important that you thoroughly wash your hands with soap and clean water before touching prepared food. This will help to remove the germs that might have already gotten to your nails and the surface of your hand. This action is very important, especially after visiting the toilet. Wash your hands after every visit to the restroom.

2. Use hand sanitizer:

After washing your hands with soap and water, the next thing is to sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer that is safe on food. This will help the water and soap solution to get rid of the organisms present on your hand that can cause food poisoning.

3. Wipe your hands with a towel:

Wipe the surface of your hands with a clean and sanitized hand towel before touching an already prepared food to prevent food contamination.

4. Wear disposable hand gloves:

Putting on hand gloves can prevent direct contact between the food and bare hands. This will help to prevent the spoilage bacteria on your hand from getting into the food.

5. Use a Nose mask:

Food contamination is not only by touching the food with dirty hands, sneezing and coughing can also contaminate an uncovered already prepared food.

6. Keep your fingernails low:

Bacteria can live inside your nails for a long time. Therefore, before touching prepared food with your hands, you must keep your fingernails low. Trim your fingernails to prevent foodborne diseases from contaminated food.

Final thought:

An already prepared food can be easily contaminated if care is not taken. Unlike raw food, already-prepared food is exposed to many tiny organisms that can make it unsafe for consumption. Therefore, before touching prepared food with your hands, you must make sure that all food sanitation rules are put in place.

Food hygiene is very important. It helps to keep food safe. Following all the food hygiene rules can help to reduce the food poisoning rate and also, protect the health of food consumers.

My name is Emmanuel. I'm a Nurse and a food lover. I have worked with many food blogs in the past before creating InfoTipsBlog to share food safety tips.

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