Food that makes people sick will often?

Food that makes people sick will often:

Food is essential for human growth and general body development. As far as general health is concerned, what we eat contributes to how healthy and fit we live. Food that makes people sick will often show signs unless we decide to ignore them.

As important as food can be, it can also make one fall sick if care is not taken while making and serving it.

This article is an informational article on the major characteristics of food that are likely to make people sick when eaten. When these signs are detected in food, it is better to discard such food to stay healthy.

The food process starts right from the food products, cooking, and dishing. If anything should go wrong in any of these processes, it can lead to food poisoning, therefore, making such food unsafe for consumption.

Food contamination is the main reason why a person will get sick as a result of food consumption. This can be a result of the food handler's negligence or the food products. Poor hygiene during and after food making can also cause food poisoning.

Food that makes people sick will often
Food that makes people sick will often

Factors that can cause food poisoning

As said earlier, people get sick after eating probably because such food has been contaminated in the process of serving it or as a result of expired/contaminated food products.

Whichever way food gets contaminated, the following factors are likely the cause of food poisoning in society today.

1. Food Handler:

Food handlers are restaurant workers who are in charge of making and dishing food respectively. They are responsible for making sure that the food served is not contaminated and safe for public consumption. Food poisoning usually occurs due to the food handler's negligence or laziness. 

Bad hygiene, Laziness, Negligence, and lack of proper training of food handlers will put consumers at risk of food poisoning.

2. Food products:

Even when the food handler tries to keep all the rules, if the product used to make such food is bad, then, there is a high tendency of getting bad food.

It is very important to check the expiry date of any food product before buying and using it to make food for consumers.

3. Infectious Organisms:

These are organisms such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses that get to the food and make it unsafe. These organisms contaminate food the moment they touch the food.

Infectious organisms can get to the food in many ways, however, not properly storing an already prepared food can cause bacteria and other organisms to get away from the food.

4. Consumer:

We can not just blame food poisoning on food handlers alone. Every food consumer also has a role to play. The consumer has to make sure that he/she handles food with clean hands and that no infection whatsoever gets to the food through them.

Foods that Make People Sick

Now that we fully understand some major factors that can cause food poisoning, let's quickly check the characteristics, signs, or features of spoilt food. Spoilt food makes one sick. It is a sign that food is no longer safe for consumption when any of these signs appear with the food.

Food that makes people sick will often:


People who fail to examine the food they eat are likely to get sick from undone food. Food not well cooked can make one sick after eating it.

Some food will appear undone even before eating it while some can only be detected when you begin to eat it. The best thing to do after detecting that a portion of food is not properly cooked is to discard it with immediate effect. Just a little portion of undercooked food can cause food poisoning.


Any food that shows different colors apart from its original colors is probably going to make you sick if eaten. Changes in food color can either be a result of being expired, infected by organisms, or undercooked. And if any of this is the case, such food will make you sick. It is very important to know the original color of food to help detect when it becomes unsafe.


Ever wondered why rotten food smells bad? Oh! I will tell you. It is nothing other than the fact that it has been infected with infectious organisms like bacteria. When food becomes infected with these organisms, it makes the food dangerous to eat and it begins to smell bad.

Food smelling bad is another characteristic to look out for in food that makes people fall sick.


Food that makes people sick often loses its original taste. When food becomes tasteless, there is a probability that such food has spoilt. Discard it with immediate effect. The quantity of what we eat is not what matters but the quality.


This is the most important aspect of food. Food that looks visibly infected is dangerous to eat. Some fruit, when infected, will show the sign that it has been infected either by smelling or change in color in some areas. This is telling you that such fruit should not be consumed as it must have been affected by an infectious organism.


Food that makes people sick will often have one way or the other to identify. Most people get sick after eating spoilt food because they ignore those signs while some believe that it does not matter.

As important as food is, it is only good when we eat healthy ones. Contaminated food will only result in food poisoning. The quantity of food is not as important as the quantity. Don't forget that health is wealth. Always look out for these signs before consuming any food.

My name is Emmanuel. I'm a Nurse and a food lover. I have worked with many food blogs in the past before creating InfoTipsBlog to share food safety tips.

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